7 Top Tips for organising an Irish Marque Wedding

Marque wedding in Ireland

7 top tips for organising a Marque Wedding in Ireland.

Following on from last weeks post on Irish wedding venues I decided this week to have a look at organising a marque wedding in Ireland, although not as popular because of the “Weather Factor” I think that they are definitely a viable option in the Spring or Summer months. If you and your Fiancé have fallen in love with the idea of having a rustic styled event, a traditional outdoor affair, a fun festival style or just something different then this is maybe a great option for you. There is allot to consider when organising such an event. So to help you get started here are my top tips.

Time of Year – Although they say you can have a Marque wedding any time of the year. I would think that the Spring and Summer months in Ireland would be the best. I know that even in these months that you are not guaranteed for the weather to be dry but at least you won’t have to contend with snow and Ice.

Where to have your wedding – Ideally it would be great to have your marque erected on land that was owned by your family or friend, as hopefully there would not be a charge. In regards to type of grounds it should be flat, grassy and definitely be able to provide easy access and parking for your guests.

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The Marque – Personally I would recommend using a professional and hiring a marque company. I Googled a few companies and the two that stood out to me from their websites were The Outdoor Wedding Company and Silk Road Tents. From looking through their websites it seems that they have a wide variety of options such as stretch tents, yurts, tipis etc.


Generator & Electricity – This is a definite requirement unless you are planning to dance the night away to candle light. Find out from the company you are using in regards to who needs to supply the generator. If you need supply the generator then get in contact with a recommended local electrician. This is something that cannot be overlooked

Lighting and Decorations – From my experience the atmosphere of your reception venue can totally depend on your lighting and decorations. Fairy lights, chandeliers, flowers – fresh and fake, centerpieces, tea lights, lanterns, bunting, homemade jam jars. From this short list of decorations – think about how you can personalize your venue and create the atmosphere you want for your wedding day. See our blog post from a few weeks back How to customize your wedding venue on a budget” Don’t be afraid to try something new on the recommendation of your wedding vendors. The wedding experts are experts for a reason and have the experience so listen to their ideas.

The Bar – One of the essentials at a wedding is a bar. There seems to be three options open to you. 1. Do it yourself, please note that if you are charging you will need a licence. 2. Ask a local publican – they will need to transfer their licence to your venue for the day. 3. Ask your caterer would they provide the service.

Caterer – One of the most important aspects of your day is your food so choose wisely. Firstly I would meet with caterers that are recommended to you and if not recommended ask for references of other weddings they have catered for, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, this is the most important event of your lives . Then once you have chosen the caterer make sure that you have all the equipment and space needed.

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