Accessorising Your Wedding Dress

There’s a lot of careful thought involved in choosing your wedding dress. In the months before your wedding, you’ll consider many different styles and try countless different dresses. You might find it helpful to consider advice from your friends and family, but then again, you might not! Eventually, after hours spent trawling through catalogues and wavering in wedding boutiques, you’ll find the dress you want. What comes then?

Your wedding dress may be the most important part of your outfit, but no bridal ensemble is complete without accessories to complement your dress. After you’ve chosen your dress, your next task will be to accessorise. We know that this can be almost as challenging as choosing your dress, so this week we’d like to offer some useful tips for accessorising, no matter what look you’re aiming for.

Don’t Over-Accessorise

Your accessories should complement your dress and your features, not overwhelm them. Your accessories should blend in rather than stand out. You don’t need an entire checklist of accessories to make your costume work; besides being costly, too many accessories can make your outfit look busy. Take note of your gown’s design and use that as a basis for choosing your accessories. Avoid accessories that match your dress too closely or draw the eye away from it. If in doubt, take a minimalistic approach.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don’t rush into choosing your accessories. Take your time, and try as many different combinations as necessary. Once you’ve chosen your dress, you should have a pretty good idea of the overall effect you’re aiming for. Keep experimenting until you’ve achieved the look you want.

Choose Your Hairstyle Before Your Headpiece

There are many different options when it comes to bridal headpieces. Veils are the most traditional and come in many styles, from mantillas to birdcages. Other popular bridal headpieces include tiaras, fascinators, combs, and headbands. With so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially given that your headpiece will be such a prominent feature of your costume. Choosing a headpiece will be much simpler if you’ve already decided on a hairstyle, as your possible choices will be limited by what works best with your hair.

Match Your Jewellery to Your Dress

When choosing jewellery, you should bear in mind that all your jewellery should be made of the same type of metal, and that the colour of this metal should match the colour of your dress. For example, silver jewellery is a popular accompaniment to white and ivory dresses.

Stay Comfortable

Looking well on your wedding day is as much about your composure as it is about your outfit. It’s important that you don’t choose accessories that weigh you down too much or make you feel uncomfortable. This doesn’t just mean that you should choose accessories that you are physically comfortable wearing; it also means that you shouldn’t stray too far from the styles you’re most accustomed to. Choosing the most comfortable accessories will help you to stay confident and composed throughout your big day.