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Laser cut wedding invitations for your wedding day

Here at Loving Invitations we love beautiful wedding stationery. Ever since  Laser Cut wedding invitations appeared on our radar we knew we had to have them. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut delicate designs onto different quality card , these style of invitations have recently become increasingly popular with brides and grooms wanting something luxurious for their wedding day.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations_4 designs

Although laser cut not is the cheapest stationery stationery option, your wedding stationery does become a piece of art which you can cherish forever. The invite inserts that sit neatly inside the laser cut design are stylised using scripted font against a textured paper or card. The delicate designs are tied by fabulous silk ribbon which finished off the invites beautifully. Start your wedding with a stationery design that is guaranteed to impress. Watch our video below as we talk you through some of the options available. For options see our laser cut designs  or Email


Coffee Bar for your wedding reception?

How to organise a coffee bar for your Irish wedding reception.

On every corner or vacant premises coffee shops are popping up. All the major brands have reached my little piece of the world such as Costa, Starbucks and Insomnia. A cup of Tea is still a secure Irish staple but allot do enjoy a nice cup of Joe. With all this in mind I saw a fab photo on Instagram during the week of a wedding sign for an espresso bar and I thought with the media always enforcing that we Irish people focus a little too much on alcoholic beverages – I thought that maybe a coffee bar at a wedding reception would definitely be something I should have a look at.


Personalise your coffee bar – Make sure to personalise your coffee bar with decorations that tie into your event décor. Add custom touches like custom printed coffee cups or sleeves with a monogram or message.


Chalkboard signs make great accessories for any drink station! We love the idea of a sweet message like ‘Warm up here’ or ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ for a winter wedding. I would decide on a particular type of coffee and make it your signature coffee , you could name it after yourselves.


Popular items to have at your coffee bar

Different types of coffee (espresso, roasts, cappuccino, etc.)

Different coffee flavours

Unique coffee toppings

Different types of milk – full, low fat and soya milk

Additional Treats – Wedding coffee bar ideas extend beyond just the drinks. Consider coffee dessert bar items also to add to the whole experience such as:

Chocolate-dipped spoons or flavored coffee stirrers

Biscotti, mini donuts, or mini muffins as coffee related treats

Even Wow your guests with a donut wall !!!!

Giant donut wall

Coffee themed Wedding Favours – What about a coffee mug wedding favour. A cute coffee mug favour which family and friends can use again and again maybe include a little bag of cookies to sweeten the deal. Another clever idea would be to have a brown paper bag filled with coffee beans with the text “the perfect blend” and your names and date of wedding


DIY or Professional – There are two options available to you – this could definitely be a very promising project or you could hire someone to do the job. I came across an Irish company online Bean and Gone  If you would love some further inspiration we have an earlier blog post Wedding Ideas for Coffee Lovers – with more great inspiration and information.


Still looking for the perfect wedding invitations and stationery for your big day? Have a look at our full range of wedding invitations and stationery



Coffee Bar Wedding Reception

Guide to choosing the right Wedding Suit

How to choose the right wedding suit to flatter your grooms body shape.

Very rarely do I write a blog post for the grooms. So this week I said I would give a little love to the fellas in our lives by giving some tips and advice on how to choose the right wedding suit.

Like us ladies, your man has allot of options to choose from in Mens wedding suits so to make the choice a little easier – I have broken it down into an easy to follow guide.

Consider Your Body Shape – Take a look in the mirror and take into consideration your body shape along with your best features because just like a wedding gown, not all styles will emphasise your best bits.

Slim and Tall – Good news! You can wear just any wedding suit that takes your fancy. I would recommend a two-button jacket with a notched or peaked collar. Give some thought to a double-breasted jacket if you’re self-conscious about being thin. Add the look of broader shoulders by selecting a style with shoulder padding. Pants with narrow legs will elongate your body proportions.

Wedding Suits_2

Muscular/Fuller and tall – I would definitely avoid wearing anything that looks too tight. Getting the size right is very important as you want to avoid having your jacket seem poorly fitted. A one-button jacket will make your waist look thinner. Narrow leg trousers provide a leaner appearance. For the most slimming effect, choose a long, narrow tie.

Wedding Suit _4

Muscular/Fuller and short – Your main aim is to avoid any extra fabric that might give you a bulky look. Avoid styles that appear tight or short. Think twice about double-breasted jackets. I would definitely have a look at a one or two-button shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels, this usually creates a great thinning effect. From experience I think that a waist coast is a brilliant accessory along with a long, narrow tie.

Wedding Suits_3

Slim and Short – Your main aim is to make your body look longer. Avoid any fit that looks short or tight. I would definitely steer clear of any double-breasted jackets. That extra fabric won’t be flattering for a slim man. Have a think about adding a shoulder pad to your jacket. Definitely avoid narrow pants legs. Finish your look with a thin tie and a waistcoat as they will elongate your appearance.

For more tips on getting your look right for your wedding day have a read of our previous posts, accessoring your groomswear or grooming tips for grooms

If you are still  in the market for your wedding stationery don’t forget to check out our wedding invitation designs.

Wedding Suits Ireland

Wedding Stationery Do’s and Dont’s

Wedding Stationery : Do’s and Dont’s

You may hear allot of people saying things like “its only an invitation” or the stationery will only be thrown in the bin but don’t be under any illusions wedding stationery is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. It sets in motion a chain of events that lead to one of the biggest days of your life. Wedding stationery notifies your guests of your wedding date, helps them with travel arrangements, guides them through your ceremony, seats them at your reception and then thanks them for their generosity and attendance.So this week we have created a list of of Do’s and Don’ts when choosing your wedding stationery so that you don’t fall into the usual stationery pitfalls.
Beautiful laser cut invites

  1. Do order wedding invite samples – there are many different options currently available but online photos can be deceiving therefore be sure to order a sample to see the quality.
  2. Don’t skimp on quality – Beautiful Irish wedding stationery sets the tone for the event – there’s nothing like receiving a gorgeous invitation in the post to build the excitement for the guests, For the sake of a few euro, do the rest of your wedding justice, and invest in decent wedding stationery!
  3. Do research – Begin researching stationery companies six to nine months before your wedding day
  4. Don’t order stationery until you have your guest list 90% complete when you go to get a quote for your wedding stationery. Many couples think if there is 150 on the list then they need 150 invitations. Think again. Many of your guests are part of a couple or a family living under the same roof so they just require the one invitation.
  5. Do be open minded – Keep an open mind, don’t let an idea or theme restrict you.
  6. Don’t ask guests to RSVP by phone call – From my experience asking your guests to rsvp by phone call may seem a good idea initially but then when reality hits it might not always work as planned. Guests will ring at a time that suits their schedule and not yours. Plus there is no record of their reply and a phone call maybe forgotten. Stick with and rsvp card, email or text message.
  7. blog-3-list-of-names-pic600
  8. Do triple check your stationery and also print out your final proofs to give to a third party to proof.
  9. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your wedding invitation has a job to do. Your guests need to know exactly when and where to go, so make sure the text is clear, legible and has all the important stuff on  it. These things include your names, the hosts, the venue, time, date and any RSVP details required. You’d be amazed how many people forget to include the time!
  10. Do  Order 10% Extra for all your stationery. You may need to add additional guests to the list. Ordering 10% extra is much more cost effective than having to place a new order and then having

For further wedding Invitation Inspiration read our earlier blog “ How to choose your wedding invitation”

wedding stationery dos and don'ts

Top tips for choosing your Wedding Supplier

How to find the perfect wedding supplier

In my last blog I spoke about the practicalities of attending wedding fairs and I gave a few tips on making the most of the events. This week I would like to look at how you choose wedding suppliers that are right for your Irish wedding. Now they don’t have to give you that tingly feeling that your fiancé does but they do have to make you feel special, give you confidence in their services and most importantly produce goods and services that you love.


  1. Go and see the photographers work – see the quality of the albums he or she produces
  2. Make a list of questions in regards to what photographs you want of your wedding day and then ask if they are included in your chosen package.
  3. Clarify the time they will finish – most photographers rap things up before you enter your reception. So if you want a photo of your first dance or speeches be sure to clarify
  4. Most importantly ensure that you like the personality of the photographer, you don’t have to be best of friends but you don’t want to dislike their character
  5. Last but not least don’t forget to discuss the overall price

Bridal shop – Choosing your bridal shop may not be as difficult as choosing your photographer as you are seeing your dress before your purchase but think about the following.

  1. Are you happy with the overall feel of the shop and staff
  2. The dresses are of good quality and known designers
  3. Look online for reviews or ask friends and family
  4. Ask them how long it takes to order your dress
  5. Clarify who does the alterations – allot of shops use external seamstresses – if this is the case clarify who is responsible for the alterations if things go wrong


Wedding Cake

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Be cautious of cheap cake – cheap cake is never good
  3. Make an appointment to meet the cake maker 6 – 9 months before your wedding day
  4. Taste samples and ask to see a portfolio of designs that he or she has created
  5. Research online designs that you would love for your day, a Pinterest account would be very handy – there are so many different options – the days of a three tier fruit cakes are well gone. Be sure to create an amazing display that will wow your guests.
  6. See our earlier blog piece on Choosing your Wedding Cake

wedding invitations 2017

Wedding Stationery

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Order wedding invitation samples of your chosen design before you make your final design
  3. Make an appointment to meet the stationer or make a phone call to have a chat 6 – 9 months before your wedding day
  4. Clarify how long the ordering process takes
  5. Clarify if envelopes and delivery are included in the quoted price
Choosing your Wedding Supplier

Wedding Fair Survival Guide

Wedding Fair Survival Guide

As you have probably realised Wedding Season is now in full swing with many Wedding fairs being held locally and nationally. From my experience of being a bride wedding fairs are a great place to get ideas and they offer the opportunity to speak to many different suppliers under one roof.
Beautiful laser cut invites
The downside is that they can seem a bit overwhelming by the choice available and the pressure to make decisions – especially the larger events but do not worry Loving Invitations are here to help with our quick survival guide.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes – it maybe a long day
  2. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water – hydration is key
  3. Be organised – before you attend make a list of suppliers that you have not yet booked so you do not get bogged down speaking to suppliers who you have already booked. Make a list of questions to ask vendors so to not to forget anything important for example is my wedding date free ?
  4. A girls day out – I am sure your Mom and Bridesmaids would only love to tag along to offer their opinions and inspiration. A glass of sparkly and some scrumptious wedding cake samples also help to sweeten the deal.
  5. Money talks. If you think you may want to book a supplier then be sure to have cash in your pocket. Money talks and at most of these events suppliers are offering a 10% discount for booking with them on the day.
  6. Have Fun – Try to relax and enjoy the day out. This is your day, and planning it should be fun and exciting. Soak up everything the day has to offer and
  7. Most importantly don’t forget about your wedding invitations

For further tips have a look at our earlier blog “getting the most of out of a wedding fair

Wedding Fair survival guide