How to Get your Wedding Planning started

How to Get your Wedding Plans started

Top 5 Questions to ask yourselves about your Irish wedding day.

I do agree that when first engaged the whole process of wedding planning seems overwhelming to all Irish brides and grooms. Organising such an important life event as your wedding day can be daunting and many Irish Brides and grooms may contemplate handing over the responsibility to a wedding planner. But hold on, there is a way to get through this process and not kill each other and its called communication. In my experience talking with your other half is the key to success so this week I have decided to offer a little guidance with my five key questions that you and your hubby should begin asking yourselves before any venue is booked or honeymoon destinations are googled.

1 What type of celebration do you want your wedding day to be. This is broken down into two key parts – the ceremony and the reception.

Irish wedding reception

2 Do you want a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. If you want a religious ceremony. Are you both the same religion, do you want a particular church, is the date free. If you want a civil ceremony, would you like a registry office or a specific location or venue and is the date free.

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3 Do you want a larger reception or a more intimate party. How many guests would you like to invite, how many guests does your chosen venue accommodate. Sit down and do a rough guest list of who you might invite to get a better idea.

4 What is your budget for the wedding. This is never an easy subject for couples. Wedding can seriously vary in costs. With the average Irish wedding costing around €20 – €25 thousand. This subject definitely needs to be discussed at the beginning so that both you and your partner are on the same track. Also consider do you wish to save for your wedding day or take out a short term loan.

5  When would you like to get marred….Have you got your heart set on a Christmas wedding or a midsummer extravaganza. Something to consider is that the summer months are always going to be that a little more expensive than the winter months.

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