Guide to choosing the right Wedding Suit

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How to choose the right wedding suit to flatter your grooms body shape.

Very rarely do I write a blog post for the grooms. So this week I said I would give a little love to the fellas in our lives by giving some tips and advice on how to choose the right wedding suit.

Like us ladies, your man has allot of options to choose from in Mens wedding suits so to make the choice a little easier – I have broken it down into an easy to follow guide.

Consider Your Body Shape – Take a look in the mirror and take into consideration your body shape along with your best features because just like a wedding gown, not all styles will emphasise your best bits.

Slim and Tall – Good news! You can wear just any wedding suit that takes your fancy. I would recommend a two-button jacket with a notched or peaked collar. Give some thought to a double-breasted jacket if you’re self-conscious about being thin. Add the look of broader shoulders by selecting a style with shoulder padding. Pants with narrow legs will elongate your body proportions.

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Muscular/Fuller and tall – I would definitely avoid wearing anything that looks too tight. Getting the size right is very important as you want to avoid having your jacket seem poorly fitted. A one-button jacket will make your waist look thinner. Narrow leg trousers provide a leaner appearance. For the most slimming effect, choose a long, narrow tie.

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Muscular/Fuller and short – Your main aim is to avoid any extra fabric that might give you a bulky look. Avoid styles that appear tight or short. Think twice about double-breasted jackets. I would definitely have a look at a one or two-button shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels, this usually creates a great thinning effect. From experience I think that a waist coast is a brilliant accessory along with a long, narrow tie.

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Slim and Short – Your main aim is to make your body look longer. Avoid any fit that looks short or tight. I would definitely steer clear of any double-breasted jackets. That extra fabric won’t be flattering for a slim man. Have a think about adding a shoulder pad to your jacket. Definitely avoid narrow pants legs. Finish your look with a thin tie and a waistcoat as they will elongate your appearance.

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