How should you choose your wedding invitations

Choosing wedding invitations

Lot’s of Irish Brides have no idea where to start when it comes to picking wedding invitations. At first it seems such a big task, do you choose an invitation that matches the colour of your bridesmaids and flowers or do you pick a certain theme its all very daunting to be honest. So to break it down and make it a little easier here are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding invitation for your Irish Wedding.

Tell your story

You could choose a wedding invitation that tells the story about you as a couple. For example a recent couple choose our Smitten Invite design because they had gotten engaged while cycling through the ring of Kerry in Ireland on holidays. Therefore this wedding invitation really reflected John and Celine’s engagement story and made it very personal to them and their Irish Wedding

Show your personality

Your wedding invitation can definitely show your personality by choosing the correct design and invite wording. If your personalities are a little more traditional a good way to convey this would be to choose a more formal design for example our Wedding Bands and Flowers wedding invitation design. If you tend to be a little more relaxed and easy going then a design like our Sweetness and Light wedding invite would definitely convey that message.

Choosing your wording carefully is also a big help. You can use the more traditional formal wording or you could mix it up a little and make the invitation wording a little more relaxed and informal – see examples of both on our wedding invitation wording page. If you need any ideas just let us know we would be happy to offer suggestions.

Reflect the Season

The four big seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn all just as popular with brides and grooms to celebrate their wedding day. Colours are the biggest help for reflecting your wedding season. Bright colours for Spring and Summer with the deeper colour palette for the Winter season. Have a look at our wedding invitation design Merry and Light to see how the festive invite design conveys a fabulous winter theme and then if you look at our Midsummer Dream wedding invite design it oozes summer appeal – giving your guests the idea of a beautiful sunny day for your Irish wedding day.

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