How to Explain That Your Wedding Is Adults Only

Compiling your guest list will be one of the first things you do when you start planning your wedding. This can be a time-consuming and demanding process, often involving difficult decisions. There are many different factors to consider when compiling your guest list, and finding the right balance can be tricky. However, getting your guest list right is the first step towards crafting the wedding day you want. While you’ll undoubtedly spend much time deliberating over individual invitations, there are some broader strokes to consider as well. For example, will you offer plus-ones? Will you invite professional acquaintances? Perhaps most importantly, will you invite your guests to bring their children?

Whether or not you want to have children at your wedding is entirely your decision to make. Some of your guests may appreciate it if you invite their children, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be swayed too easily by this. The presence of children has an unmistakeable effect on the ambience of any event. It’s entirely your prerogative to decide that such an atmosphere is not what you want. It’s your wedding day, and you should plan for the wedding day you’ve always want. Of course, you need to consider your guests’ feelings, too. So, how do you explain to your guests that your wedding is an adults-only? In this week’s blog post, we’d like to share some advice on how you can do this effectively.

Explain in Person

It’s understandable that some of your guests may feel disappointed that they can’t bring their children to your wedding. Explaining in person, whether face-to-face or over the phone, demonstrates consideration for your guests and gives you an opportunity to present your feelings on the matter. Whatever your reasons for preferring not to have children, you can use this chance to explain to your guests that you feel strongly about having exactly the sort ofC wedding that you want. Your friends will understand this; it’s your wedding, after all. Avoid stating “Adults Only” on your invitations, as this is more impersonal and might be considered insensitive. Take the time to directly contact those of your guests who have children.

Be Firm

Some of your guests, particularly family members, may be more than a little disappointed to learn that you don’t want them to bring their children. You may face some strong disagreement from some people, and it’s important that you stand your ground and don’t back down. If you find yourself involved in such a discussion with one of your guests, remember that this is your wedding and you don’t have to justify yourself beyond saying that you have a clear idea of what you want. If you’d like to avoid any arguments, the best tactic is to make sure that your adults-only policy doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. You can do this by making your friends and family aware of your feelings of the matter before you even send your invitations. All it takes is to mention your thoughts in passing a few times.

Be Fair

If you decide to have an adults-only wedding, it’s essential that you stick to your rule and avoid bending it for anyone. Even those guests who are most understanding about your desire for an adults-only wedding may be offended if they see you have made exceptions. Allowing some people to bring their children, whatever the reasons, will likely seem like favouritism and could easily be hurtful or offensive. Causing offense to your guests is the last thing you want to do on your wedding day, as this will create and uncomfortable situation and lead to an unpleasant time for everyone. When you’ve chosen this course of action, make sure you stick to it. If any of your guests request an exception, politely explain the need for fairness.

Consider Making Arrangements for Your Guests

If you have a large number of guests who’ll be inconvenienced by your adults-only policy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t work with them to accommodate their childcare needs in some way. It’s not your responsibility, of course, but your guests will likely appreciate it. Helping to arrange babysitting for your guests will show that, although you’ve chosen an adults-only wedding, you care about your guests and their children.

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