How to Have Fun the Day After Your Wedding

It’s no surprise that you’ll often hear your wedding referred to as the biggest day of your life. Not only does your wedding ceremony represent a momentous decision and lifelong commitment, it’s also a huge event that involves a great deal of planning in preparation. So much planning and preparation, in fact, that you quite possibly haven’t given much thought to what you’ll be doing on the day after. So, why not consider continuing the festivities for another day?

The day after your wedding is a great time to carry-on celebrating in an informal, relaxed setting. You’ll likely have some out-of-town guests who aren’t quite ready to leave, and many of your other guests will be happy to join you for some refreshments following the previous night’s jubilation. So, how can you ensure a pleasant day after for yourself and those guests who wish to join you? In this week’s blog post, we’d like to suggest a few tips for arranging some relaxed entertainment for the day following your wedding.

Keep it Casual

As you and your guests are likely to be somewhat tired the day after your wedding, it’s best to take a laid-back approach to any plans you have. There’s no need to formally invite anyone — just put the word out and ask people to come along if they’d like. Don’t go overboard with decór; a few simple party decorations are fine, but anything too extravagant may leave your guests feeling as if they’ve stumbled into something more formal than they were prepared for. Don’t forget, keeping things simple and casual means you’ll have greater freedom to enjoy yourself, too!

Refreshments are Essential

If there’s one thing everyone enjoys the morning after a long night, it’s a bite to eat. No matter how low-key your day-after party is, if you provide your guests with some much-needed refreshments, they’re sure to enjoy themselves. Some casual chit-chat over brunch or a buffet lunch is perfect for those slightly weary guests. Perhaps a few Mimosas or Bloody Marys won’t be unwelcome, either! Once again, it’s perfectly appropriate to keep things simple here. Some uncomplicated but satisfying fare is sure to be greatly appreciated by your guests.

Think Carefully About Your Location

Depending on the arrangements you’ve made with the venue hosting your reception, it may be possible for you and your guests to stay on until late afternoon, and enjoy refreshments and entertainment provided by the venue. If opting to leave the venue and organise your own fun elsewhere, bear in mind that it shouldn’t be too far away from the venue, or you may not see as many of your guests there as you’d like. If your own residence, or that of a friend or family member is nearby, it could make the perfect setting for some casual socialising. If the weather is suitable, a garden party might be in order. Just remember that hosting the event yourself means more work for you, at a time when you may wish to be relaxing!

Remember, There’s No Pressure

Remember, you don’t need to organise anything for the day after your wedding. Saying farewell to your guests is polite, but beyond that you’re not obliged to go to any trouble. A party for the day after is something you should do for yourself, if you feel you’d enjoy it. If you’d like to do something, but aren’t quite up to making the arrangements, consider asking a close friend or family member to help. Above all else, your priority for the day after your wedding should be to be happy and enjoy yourself.