Important Wedding Venue Questions

Top 20 Most Important Top 20 Wedding Venue Questions

Top 20 important questions you need to ask Irish wedding venues

One of my close friends got engaged recently and wanted to begin the “Big Task” of finding the perfect Irish wedding venue. So they made appointments to see a couple of Irish wedding venues in their local area but prior to this we discussed what questions they should ask so to compare venues and help them make their final decision.


With being married myself they asked me for some advice on what they should ask the venues and to my dismay I could not remember what myself and my husband had asked when we were getting married 5 years ago. So I sat down with pen and paper and began to compile a list of important questions that I thought would be helpful to ask your prospective Irish wedding venue in order to know exactly what you are getting for your money and to ensure that no surprises arise before or on your wedding day.

But beware prior to viewing, there are two questions you should always ask – is your chosen date free followed quickly by what is the venues capacity. When these two questions are answered successfully you can then begin with the below.

  1. Is there more than one wedding per day at the venue?
  2. How many rooms can you block book for our guests and is there a minimum amount of rooms that are required to be blocked.
  3. How flexible are your wedding package prices?
  4. Who will be running the wedding, is they’re a wedding coordinator and if so can we meet them
  5. If we were to have our ceremony here would it take place in the same room as the reception or do you have other rooms available to us.
  6. What is the changeover plan for converting from ceremony to reception?
  7. How many pours of wine is included in the package
  8. Do you charge a corkage fee if we decide to bring in our own wine?
  9. Do you cater for Coeliac and Vegetarians?
  10. Is there an option of having another event such as a BBQ the day after our wedding?
  11. What tablecloths, chair covers, candelabras, centerpieces, cake stand, menus, table plan and flowers are provided as part of the package? Can they be changed And if so is there an additional cost?
  12. Where is the top table – how many can you fit at it?
  13. What shape tables would you use for the reception – how many guests can you comfortably fit at the suggested tables
  14. Where will the band be playing?
  15. Where is the dance floor, how big is it, do my guest have to move to set up the dance floor
  16. Will the band be able to set up beforehand or do they set up after the meal
  17. What time can the band/DJ play until?
  18. Is there a late bar? How late will the bar be open?
  19. Is there a charge for a bar extension?
  20. Can our guests go to the residence bar?

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