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Understanding Colour Printing

We produce fantastic results with full colour printing but it pays to bear in mind that colour variation may happen in any print process and you should not expect a perfect match to your sample or chosen colour. Please see an example below of colour variation that may or may not happen when printing.


Choosing A Colour

Not sure what colour you’d like for your wedding invitation or stationery?

Take a look at the colour swatches below.

Once you’ve decided, simply email us with the colour you desire from below and

we can customise the colour of your stationery for you.

 (if applicable to the invite design)

Invitationsforless Colour Picker - Tolerences2Invitationsforless Colour Picker - Tolerences3

Invitationsforless Colour Picker - Tolerences3Invitationsforless Colour Picker - Tolerences5