Planning a Christmas Wedding

Many of us enjoy the month of December a great deal. Indeed, as the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time of festivity and celebration, that keeps our spirits high in the cold winter months. One might thing that such a joyous time of year is a perfect time to hold a wedding, given that everyone will be in such jubilant form. However, although some people do choose to get married at this time of year, it’s not the most popular month for weddings. While the idea of a Christmas wedding is undoubtedly romantic, it certainly comes with its fair share of challenges.

We’ve written before about planning winter weddings, and we’ve advised that holding a wedding very close to December 25th will probably involve some extra challenges. However, if you have your heart set on a Christmas wedding, we’d like to help you make it work. In this week’s blog post, we’ll be offering some tips for getting the most out of a Christmas wedding. We’d also like to wish you a very happy Christmas!

Remember, This Time of Year is Busy!

As we’ve mentioned, planning a Christmas wedding comes with some unique challenges. The most significant thing to be aware of here is that everyone is busy at this time of year. Naturally, that includes your guests. There are a number of different things to consider on account of this. First and foremost, you should ask your guests to save the date well in advance. Many people make special plans for Christmas time, so if you act too late, you may find that many of the people you’d like to invite have made prior arrangements.

What’s more, the busy festive season also means that certain venues may be difficult to book. While you may benefit from off-peak pricing for certain wedding-related services, you should nonetheless act early in booking your venue, to avoid clashing with any of the festive events that take place at this time.

Everyone Loves Festive Food

Many couples spend a great deal of time deliberating over the menu at their reception. If you’re planning a Christmas-themed wedding, you’ll be fortunate to have some ready-made ideas. An extravagant take on a traditional Christmas dinner is a perfect choice for your main meal. Some combination of turkey, ham, and salmon dishes should cater to most tastes. Just remember to include something for the vegetarians, too.

When it comes to festive desserts, you’re very much spoiled for choice. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, and bûche de Noël are just a few of the popular choices that you might consider. Not to mention that, in the hands of the right baker, a Christmas-themed wedding could be absolutely splendid. Oh, and don’t forget the mulled wine, of course!

The Possibilities for Décor Are Endless

Perhaps the most fun part of planning your Christmas-themed wedding will be coming up with the decorations. Christmas decorations really evoke a sense of joyousness and celebration, so including them in your wedding will lend a wonderful atmosphere. A well-adorned Christmas tree can make the perfect decorative centerpiece to your reception, as well as offering a cute twist on the gift table found at many other weddings.

Another advantage here is that if you’re holding your ceremony in a place of worship, it will likely be decorated for this time of year anyway. A Christmas nativity scene makes a gorgeous and truly meaningful backdrop to any wedding ceremony.

Keep the Kids Entertained

We all love Christmas, but few are as thrilled by this time of year as children. Many parents find it it quite a challenge to handle the constant excitement of their children around Christmas time. If you’ll be inviting guests with small children to your wedding, you could do them a huge favour by organising some Christmas-themed entertainment for their little ones. A visit from Santa Claus is sure to go down a treat, especially if he brings along some gifts. Including some Christmas crackers at the dinner table will also delight the children. A few small touches like this are sure to be appreciated by children and parents alike.

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