Capturing Memories With a Guest Book

There are few life events as momentous as your wedding. Naturally, you’ll wish to preserve as many memories as possible of this deeply special day. Remembering the guests who will share in your celebration is, of course, an important part of this. Photography and videography are a great way to record memories of your guests, but are there any other ways of doing this?

A guest book is a lovely way of capturing the personal sentiments of your wedding guests, so that you’ll always be able to look back on them. If you’d like to know more, please, read on!

What Is a Guest Book?

In its most basic form, a guest book is a book which is signed by the guests at a wedding. Having a record of who was present at your wedding is not only useful, but also a valuable memento of those who participated in your special day. To make your guest book more personal, you should invite your guests to include a personal messsage alongside their names. This could be a recollection of a shared memory, or a blessing for the future. Such messages are sure to make for fond reminiscences, for many years to come!

When Should the Signing Take Place?

This will depend on the particular arrangements of your wedding. However, the signing will usually take place at the reception. The guest book can be displayed for guests to sign throughout the event. In order to make sure that everyone signs, it might be a good idea to assign someone to remove the book halfway through the reception. This person can then present the book to all the guests, making sure that they have signed. Alternatively, have someone at the entrance to the venue invite the guests to sign as they arrive.

How Can I Do Things a Little Differently?

This is a great question! While traditional guest books remain very popular, many couples choose alternative versions which put an interesting twist on the concept. One such alternative guest book idea is the Fingerprint Tree. This involves a large drawing of a tree, without leaves. Guests are invited to print a thumbprint on the tree in ink, signing their name next to it. The end result is a tree with a unique leaf for every guest. A beautiful idea, we’re sure you’ll agree! Please check our store for some charming Fingerprint Tree designs.