Irish Weddings 2017 – The battle of the quirky!

Wedding Ideas from around the world on adding the quirk factor to your big day

Every Irish bride and groom in 2017 want their Irish wedding day to be different from their friends and families weddings so this week I have looked at a few quirky wedding traditions from around the world that you could incorporate into your wedding day to give it that unique flavour.

The Cake Factor. Instead of having the usual two or three-tiered wedding cake you could consider a French tradition of have a Croquembouche as the main dessert centerpiece at your Irish Wedding. What is this I hear you ask Well it is a cone shaped dessert which consists of choux pastry balls filled with cream that can be dipped in chocolate and covered in caramel and with chocolate, flowers, or ribbons. They are also often covered in macaroons, flavoured cream or ganache. What a great change from the traditional wedding cake.


The Creative Factor. If you love colour as much as I do then you will love these amazing colourful mexican ceremony altars. If you wish to weave a little spanish/mexican culture into your wedding day then these would be spot on. They can be used as ceremony or photo booth backdrops for your wedding day.

Mexican wedding altar              Mexican wedding backdrop

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Entertainment Factor. Traditionally Indian brides are decorated with beautiful henna prior to their wedding ceremony.They have a Mehndi party the night before the wedding. Invite your bridesmaids, close girlfriends and female relations to have beautiful designs painted onto their hands, arms and feet. You may also follow another Indian tradition of hiring Mehndi artists to decorate the hands and feet of your wedding guests at your reception. Your guests wont be forgetting your wedding soon as the henna will last for up to two weeks.

Wedding Mehndi

The Glass Factor . With more and more Irish couples opting for humanist and civil ceremonies. Irish wedding ceremonies are becoming more personal to each couple. The Jewish tradition of breaking glass at the end of their ceremony will definitely create an impact and be something for your guests to remember. So how it goes is that the groom steps on a glass and breaks it at the end of the ceremony. This custom has a couple of explanations. One states that the noise will scare away evil spirits, the other states that the couple will stay married as long as it takes to reassemble the glass. This will definitely be a smash.

Jewish wedding tradition breaking glass

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