Rocking your Dancefloor – Guide to Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands in Ireland   When the ceremony is finished, vows taken, speeches made and dinner enjoyed, it is time to get the celebrations in full swing. One of the most important elements to your evening reception will be your wedding band. From attending many weddings I can definitely say that the right band can have your dance floor rocking and the wrong band can have your guests rolling out the door to the bar. So if you are currently in the middle of booking your wedding band here are some things to consider.

Before you Book   Before your book your band be sure to hear them live. Before I booked my wedding band I asked them what local weddings they were playing and we made it our business to gatecrash a wedding – stand at the back for twenty minutes and listen to one or two songs just to see how they perform for a crowd. If the first option doesn’t work your chosen band maybe performing at a local wedding fair (soon to be coming up in January and February 2017) this is great for seeing bands in action. Do not forget to ask friends and family for recommendations – along with hearing the band yourselves at a prior event this is probably the best way to find a band that is the perfect fit for you both.



Price   Let price and dates be one of the first things you discuss with your band. If you pay a deposit – ensure it is refundable if the band cancels. If the band has to travel ask is theirs a travel fee. Discuss when the final payment is due and don’t forget to ask is there a discount for cash payments. Remember Cash is King.

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Packages   If you want to have music in a few elements of your wedding then maybe choosing one provider instead of two or three may work out more cost effective. If you would like music at your arrivals, dinner, evening reception and DJ. Then maybe you could ask for a package. Besides it being cost effective it will will be allot easier to deal with one person verses three.

First Dance   Your first dance is a really important time for you and your husband on your wedding day. Whatever song you choose, ensure that the band can play the song correctly. There are two options, it can be played from a CD or the band can perform it live. If you are not happy with their cover of your song do not be afraid to ask them to play it directly from a CD (its your day and your paying)


How long do they play   Most bands will play for around 2-3 hours with intervals, be sure to ask if they are late setting up due to a hold up on your side will they still play for the hours. agreed or will they finish at a certain time no matter what. Also if they are being the D.J also what time will they play until.

When we were getting married our band told us that the bride and groom lead the way. If you are on the dance floor then your guests will follow and this is very true. You set the tone for your wedding so do not be afraid to get your dancing shoes on and show your guests how to have a good time.

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