Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Ireland

spiritual wedding ceremony Ireland

Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Ireland – Wanting to include the big guy upstairs

Until recently I believed that outside of a Civil wedding ceremony a Humanist wedding ceremony was the only alternative. But recently when speaking with a client she informed me that herself and her Fiancé were having a Spiritualist wedding ceremony. This intrigued me and so I enquired further as to why they had chosen a Spiritualist and not a Humanist. She told me that they were not allowed to mention “God” in a Humanist ceremony and she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to mention God but she didn’t like the idea of the option being taken from them. I personally thought the whole idea of having a Humanist Ceremony was to give the couple the freedom to do and say what they pleased but from a little research this does not seem the case.

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So what exactly makes a Spiritual wedding ceremony different to that of a Humanist wedding ceremony. The main difference between both ceremonies is that the spiritual ceremony will allow a couple to acknowledge a divine presence or a sacred other that is bigger than themselves – in your readings or prayers.

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On the Interfaith Ministers website it describes its Spiritual ceremonies as “Meeting the needs of wedding couples: Mixed faith marriage with personalized vows, Celtic hand-fasting & more”. If you feel that a spiritual ceremony is for you then make enquiries with spiritualists in your area and arrange an appointment to get clarity on the ceremony they provide. Be sure to do this as early as possible as from speaking with clients both Spiritualist and Humanist book up quickly so enquire early to ensure you get the date you want. If you wish to read more on Humanist ceremonies have read of our piece Your Humanist Wedding Ceremony.

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When you have chosen the style of ceremony that is right for you don’t forget to invest in a beautiful ceremony pamphlet for your wedding guests. For guests who have never been to a Spiritual wedding ceremony before, it’ll give them an idea of what to expect. It is also a lovely souvenir for wedding guests to take away with them.

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