Thank Your Guests with Wedding Favours

There’s no doubt that the bride and groom are the centre of attention at any wedding, but of course they’re not the only people that matter. After all, what wedding would be complete without wedding guests? Your guests are not only essential to the traditional and ceremonial aspects of marriage, they’re also key to making your wedding as enjoyable and fun as it can possibly be. So, wouldn’t it be nice to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your big day?

Of course, as a matter of tradition, your guests will present you with wedding gifts. However, did you know that it’s also traditional for the bride and groom to present their guests with gifts? Wedding favours are a way of giving something back to your guests, as a symbol of your friendship and gratitude. They are not only ideal as a gesture of appreciation, but also a great way to provide your guests with a memento this special occasion. In this week’s blog post, we’d like to offer some tips and suggestions for those of you who may wish to offer wedding favours to your guests.

What Are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are gifts presented to wedding guests by the bride and groom. They usually consist of an ornate box or package, containing confectionary or other small items. Favours are usually presented to guests at the wedding reception, perhaps as they are leaving, or at their table.

What Should My Wedding Favours Include?

Most wedding favours include confectionary and other edible items. Chocolates and sugared almonds are particularly popular choices. Non-edible favours might include items like scented soap, candles, or portraits of the bride and groom. Your favours can contain any combination of these things, as well as any other small gift items you can think of.

Where Should I Get My Wedding Favours?

When choosing wedding favours, you’ll be presented with many options. There are many vendors offering beguiling favours to choose from, and it can be hard to make a decision. The best way to overcome this is to be discerning and set out to find favours that are just right for you. For example, you should look for wedding favours that express something personal about you. For example, you might choose some kind of confectionary or produce that is local to your homeplace or somewhere of sentimental importance to you. You should also seek out vendors that offer personalisation options. As we mentioned in last week’s blog post, personalised favours are one way that you can make your wedding unique and interesting.

Can I Make My Own Wedding Favours?

Do-It-Yourself favours might be a great option for those who want to offer wedding favours while staying in-budget. What’s more, making your own wedding favours is a great way to further personalise them. However, you should be aware that creating your own favours may involve a great deal of effort, during an already busy time. It can be a great idea, especially if you have friends or family members on hand to assist you, but bear in mind that it is a significant undertaking.