Top tips for choosing your Wedding Supplier

Choosing your Wedding Supplier

How to find the perfect wedding supplier

In my last blog I spoke about the practicalities of attending wedding fairs and I gave a few tips on making the most of the events. This week I would like to look at how you choose wedding suppliers that are right for your Irish wedding. Now they don’t have to give you that tingly feeling that your fiancé does but they do have to make you feel special, give you confidence in their services and most importantly produce goods and services that you love.


  1. Go and see the photographers work – see the quality of the albums he or she produces
  2. Make a list of questions in regards to what photographs you want of your wedding day and then ask if they are included in your chosen package.
  3. Clarify the time they will finish – most photographers rap things up before you enter your reception. So if you want a photo of your first dance or speeches be sure to clarify
  4. Most importantly ensure that you like the personality of the photographer, you don’t have to be best of friends but you don’t want to dislike their character
  5. Last but not least don’t forget to discuss the overall price

Bridal shop – Choosing your bridal shop may not be as difficult as choosing your photographer as you are seeing your dress before your purchase but think about the following.

  1. Are you happy with the overall feel of the shop and staff
  2. The dresses are of good quality and known designers
  3. Look online for reviews or ask friends and family
  4. Ask them how long it takes to order your dress
  5. Clarify who does the alterations – allot of shops use external seamstresses – if this is the case clarify who is responsible for the alterations if things go wrong


Wedding Cake

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Be cautious of cheap cake – cheap cake is never good
  3. Make an appointment to meet the cake maker 6 – 9 months before your wedding day
  4. Taste samples and ask to see a portfolio of designs that he or she has created
  5. Research online designs that you would love for your day, a Pinterest account would be very handy – there are so many different options – the days of a three tier fruit cakes are well gone. Be sure to create an amazing display that will wow your guests.
  6. See our earlier blog piece on Choosing your Wedding Cake

wedding invitations 2017

Wedding Stationery

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Order wedding invitation samples of your chosen design before you make your final design
  3. Make an appointment to meet the stationer or make a phone call to have a chat 6 – 9 months before your wedding day
  4. Clarify how long the ordering process takes
  5. Clarify if envelopes and delivery are included in the quoted price