Top Tips for A Winter Wedding

It’s that time of year again. The days have gotten shorter, and the nights have gotten colder. During winter, many of us look forward to the festive season. The holidays are a time of mirth and good cheer that help us to pass the winter months a little more quickly. For many people, December is a busy month, and often involves a significant amount of expense. It’s perhaps for this reason that wedding ceremonies are less common during this time of year.

However, you needn’t be discouraged from planning a winter wedding, just because it’s a little unusual. After all, doing things a little differently sometimes is fun. While it comes with its share of challenges, a winter wedding can be deeply romantic. Not to mention, it will give you and your guests something else to look forward to during the months of cold!

We’ve written before about the different things you should consider when choosing which season to hold your wedding in. In this week’s blog post, we’d like to pay particular attention to planning a wedding during the winter. As always, we’ll hope you’ll find our advice useful.

Consider Your Guests’ Plans

The winter, especially the festive season, is an eventful time for everyone. Many of those you’d like to see at your wedding will be busier than usual at this time of year. If you’re holding your wedding in December, you should do your best to select a date that won’t conflict too much with your guests’ other plans. December the 25th, for example, would be a poor choice! Early December is a much better choice. You should also bear in mind that, if you’re considering a destination wedding, this is not the best time. Many people travel in December to be near to their families and loved ones during the holidays. As much as they may want to attend your wedding, a destination wedding in December may be more than your guests’ can budget or schedule for.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Naturally, the weather will be an important consideration for a winter wedding. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t plan any outdoor events as part of your wedding. You should also aim to have your reception venue as close as possible to your ceremony, to minimise the amount of time your guests will have to spend outdoors. Other important considerations include increased travel time due to bad weather, and heating for your venue. Make sure that the space where your ceremony will take place has been heated before your guests arrive!

Embrace the Festive Season

Don’t hesitate to add a unique twist to your wedding by adopting a festive theme. The holidays will be on everybody’s mind anyway, so you might as well go all out and design your wedding accordingly. Adopt a festive colour scheme, and brighten up the darker evenings with romantic candlelight. Why not go all out with a festively iced cake, complete with seasonal cake topper? Everyone loves this time of year, so including these things in your wedding is sure to create an atmosphere that everyone enjoys!

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Pricing

As we mentioned, December is not the most popular month for weddings. You can use this to your advantage by seeking reduced prices from vendors and venues. This is not true for all vendors. Some items, such as certain types of flowers, will be out of season and therefore more expensive. However, most other vendors will offer lower prices during the quiet season. A perfect opportunity to add some extra glamour to your winter wedding!

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