Ultimate guide to Humanist wedding ceremony

Humanist wedding ceremony ireland

Following on from last weeks piece on having a Spiritualist wedding. I decided to look at Humanist weddings in Ireland. As Humanist weddings are now legally binding in Ireland it has offered couples a very attractive option to a Church or Civil ceremony. Humanist wedding ceremonies are non-religious occasions with no mention of god as opposed to spiritual weddings that we discussed last week. A Humanist wedding ceremony can be almost anything you want it to be and offers couple the freedom to design their own ceremony.

To give you a little background, Humanism is a secular philosophy which values human freedom as opposed to a devine being. A humanist is a non religious ceremony therefore it maybe a good option for a couple who have no religious belief or are from different religious backgrounds.


So what exactly does a humanist ceremony consist of.

This is really up to the couple as you are free to design your own ceremony. To give you an idea here are elements that are popular in most humanist wedding ceremonies. Exchanging of vows, personal statements of commitment, exchanging of rings, hand-fasting, readings, poems, lighting of candles and music etc.

How to get started

Ensure that a Humanist Ceremony is what you both want

Meet with celebrants in your area to get clarity on the ceremony they provide.

Discuss with your Fiancé what you both want from your ceremony to ensure that you are both on the same page

Register your marriage with the HSE Registrars office at least 3 months before you get married.

When you have chosen the style of ceremony that is right for you don’t forget to invest in a wedding ceremony pamphlet for your wedding guests. For guests who have never been to a Spiritual wedding ceremony before, it’ll give them an idea of what to expect. It is also a lovely souvenir for wedding guests to take away with them.