getting engaged in ireland

5 Things no one tells you about getting engaged

January 4, 2017

The realities of becoming engaged  You may have been a bridesmaid a few times, attended many of your close friends Irish weddings but until you actually get engaged yourself you will never know the reality of being engaged. You cannot stop gazing at your ring finger. As soon as you put that engagement ring on your […]

tis the Season to get engaged

Tis the Season to get engaged

December 28, 2016

Expert advice for newly engaged couples this Christmas I don’t know if it’s the mulled wine or the festive spirit that surrounds Christmas and New Years but this time of year is definitely the most popular time to pop the question. Facebook revealed that over one third of couples got engaged between November and December in […]

Humanist wedding ceremony ireland

Ultimate guide to Humanist wedding ceremony

December 21, 2016

Following on from last weeks piece on having a Spiritualist wedding. I decided to look at Humanist weddings in Ireland. As Humanist weddings are now legally binding in Ireland it has offered couples a very attractive option to a Church or Civil ceremony. Humanist wedding ceremonies are non-religious occasions with no mention of god as […]

spiritual wedding ceremony Ireland

Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Ireland

December 14, 2016

Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Ireland – Wanting to include the big guy upstairs Until recently I believed that outside of a Civil wedding ceremony a Humanist wedding ceremony was the only alternative. But recently when speaking with a client she informed me that herself and her Fiancé were having a Spiritualist wedding ceremony. This intrigued […]

wedding thank you card and christmas

Wedding Thank You Cards with Christmas Celebrations

November 30, 2016

Wedding Thank you cards that have a Christmas Cheer Your fabulous Irish wedding celebrations maybe a distant memory but don’t forget that your festivities would not have been possible if it was not for your guests that celebrated alongside you and your husband. It’s a nice touch to thank your guests for attending your wedding day and for the […]

Rocking your Dancefloor – Guide to Wedding Bands

November 23, 2016

Wedding Bands in Ireland   When the ceremony is finished, vows taken, speeches made and dinner enjoyed, it is time to get the celebrations in full swing. One of the most important elements to your evening reception will be your wedding band. From attending many weddings I can definitely say that the right band can have […]